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Three material routinely used for chip capacitors.

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

The chip capacitor is known as multilayer (laminated, laminated) chip ceramic capacitor, and is abbreviated as MLCC.

There are two sizes for SMT capacitors, one in inches and the other in millimeters. The models of SMT capacitors are 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1812, 2010, 2225, etc.

The material of the chip capacitor is usually divided into three kinds, NPO, X7R, Y5V:

1) NPO is the most stable material with almost no changes in temperature, voltage and time. It is suitable for high frequency circuits with low loss and stability requirements. Capacity accuracy is about 5%, but this material can only be used for smaller capacity, conventional 100PF below, 100PF-1000PF can also be produced but the price is higher.

2) X7R is less stable than NPO, but its capacity is higher than NPO, and its capacity accuracy is about 10%.

3) The capacitance of Y5V dielectric has poor stability, the capacity deviation is about 20%, and it is sensitive to temperature and voltage. But this material can achieve high capacity, and the price is low, so it is suitable for circuit with little temperature change.

The nomenclature of the SMT capacitor contains parameters such as the size of the SMT capacitor, the material used to make the SMT capacitor, the required accuracy, the required voltage, the required capacity, the terminal requirements, and the packaging requirements. Generally, the parameters required for ordering SMT capacitors are size, precision, voltage, capacity and brand.