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What are the classification of patch capacitors?

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

The two types of packages are the most rare. Capacitors can be divided into two categories: non polarity and polarity. That is 08050603; and the polar capacitor is also known as the electrolytic capacitor, I usually use the most aluminum electrolytic capacitor, because its electrolyte is aluminum, so its temperature stability and accuracy are not very high, and the SMT element because it is close to the circuit board, so the temperature stability is required to be high, so the SMT capacitor Tantalum capacitors can be divided into four series of ABCD according to their different withstand voltage. The specific classification is as follows:

The SMT capacitor has a medium voltage patch capacitor and a common SMD capacitor.

Series voltage has 6.3V10V16V25V50V100V200V500V1000V2000V3000V4000V

One is the inch as a unit, and the size representation of the chip capacitance has two kinds. One is expressed in millimeters, and the type of the chip capacitor series is 020104020603080512061210181220102225, etc.

NPO, the data convention of patch capacitors can be divided into three categories. X7R, Y5V

Almost no temperature, NPO material has the most stable electrical performance. Changes in voltage and time are suitable for high-frequency circuits with low loss and stability requirements. Capacity accuracy is about 5%, but this material can only be used for smaller capacity routine 100PF, 100PF-1000PF can also be produced but the price is higher

But the capacity is higher than that of NPO, and X7R is less stable than NPO. The capacity accuracy is around 10%.

Its stability is poor, Y5V capacitance of such medium. Capacitance deviation is about 20%, sensitive to temperature and voltage, but this material can achieve a high capacity, and the price is low, suitable for circuit with little temperature change.