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How does the chip capacitor look at the size?

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

How to look at the size of the patch capacitor, patch capacitor due to the size characteristics can not set up a clear identification, even if useful to the naked eye can not be identified, the best method of miniaturization is still recommended to use a multimeter measurement, the following we look at the measurement methods and reasons.

Chip capacitance capacity test

Multimeter measurement:

1, black pen to COM, red pen to the right.

2, the gear will be connected to the position of the capacitance.

3, you can know the two ends of the multimeter by connecting the two ends.

Unrecognized reasons:

Owing to the limited volume, the capacitance of SMT can not be marked, so it is usually marked on the whole SMT plate. If it is a single chip capacitor, the capacitance tester should be used to measure its capacitance. If it is the same factory standard, generally speaking, the capacity of dark color is larger than light color, brown gray > light purple > gray-white. Of course, the best way is to blow it off with a hot air gun, and when it cools, measure it with a digital meter's capacitance shield or capacitance meter.

It is said that this is because capacitors are produced differently from resistors, which can be printed without cutting (such full-page printing is certainly cheaper and easier to do). The capacitor is a ceramic material. It can be sintered at high temperature, and the inner electrode is silver palladium. But now they use nickel, and the cost of silver and palladium is too high. Because the capacitor is first cut and then burned at a high temperature of 1000 degrees, it is also necessary to electroplate on the electroplating line.

Finally, the sorting capacity is determined by testing. After testing, the capacity can not be determined. Sometimes it needs reverse plating (burning end) reverse plating and then re sorting. The final capacity is determined. Therefore, there is no suitable printing time for capacitor production process. Obviously, the design capacity of the capacitor will not be very consistent with the final capacitor, a batch of capacitors can eventually be divided into many capacity segments, do not print code because the capacitor in the production process of too many uncertainties.

After the production of SMT capacitor, the capacitance value is determined after printing, according to the current technology, it can be solved, but need more production process.

The above is what to look at today's SMD capacitors? The SMD capacitors are mostly rectangular in shape, printed on a surface is easy to be reversed, and when used in welding and so on, leading to a marked side will not be held in the appearance; such as the 020 package, printed on the surface can not be recognized by the naked eye, and so on. There is not much need to print it. If you want to know how much the capacitance of a chip capacitor is, the best way is to measure it with multimeter.