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What are the prerequisites for smooth work of chip resistors?

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

There are many types of resistors. What kind of chip resistor to use, according to the need to install resistance circuit to choose. There are also different types of circuits, such as high-frequency circuits to choose inductance, capacitance distribution of small non-wire-wound resistors, they are carbon film resistors, metal resistors and metal oxide resistors, film resistors, thick film resistors, alloy resistors and anti-corrosion coating resistors.

Patch resistance is used in circuits and electrical equipment to limit the size of the current, which is in use, and patch resistance in use before there are some situations need attention, this is the patch resistance can be used smoothly prerequisite. The resistance of the patch should be tested and determined before use. The measuring range of the universal meter should be determined according to the resistance value measured. The pointer should be pointed in the middle of the scale line for observation.

If the value of the resistance is determined before the patch resistance is used, it can be used more accurately and rationally in the electric appliance or circuit. After determining the measuring range of the resistance gear, the zero should be adjusted by short circuit between two meter pens (directly touching each other), adjusting the "zero adjusting" electric appliance so that the pointer accurately points at the "0" of the_scale line, and then measuring the resistance value.