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Working voltage test of SMT electrolytic capacitors.

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

The chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the cathode material is the electrolyte, which is also the most widely used capacitor we have seen.

The voltage withstand of the chip aluminium electrolytic capacitor indicates the working voltage that it can withstand under certain conditions. If the working voltage on the circuit exceeds the rated voltage of the chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the insulation inside the chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor may be broken down, slightly affecting the short circuit or leakage of electronic products, if serious, will burn the entire circuit board directly. Therefore, the working voltage of SMT can not exceed its rated voltage, so that it can not only extend.

Its long life time can also ensure the reliable operation of the circuit.

It is necessary to carry out this withstand voltage test when choosing or using SMT electrolytic capacitors. Leakage current is one of the most important performances of chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The leakage current and voltage of SMT electrolytic capacitors are closely related. The leakage current increases with the increase of working voltage. When the working voltage is close to the empowerment voltage of the anode foil, the leakage current will increase sharply. By testing the leakage current of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, I

We can calculate its ultimate withstand voltage and rated voltage, this relationship for us to the circuit chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor withstand voltage value, has direct reference significance.

According to this principle, we can simply design an experiment. Transformer two, TI, T2. The model is the same. Back-to-back docking provides two sets of high and low voltage power supplies for isolation. After low-voltage power supply is rectified and filtered, RI, DW1, Q1 and RaL~RaL constitute a constant current source with adjustable current. After the high voltage power supply is rectified and filtered, Rb1~Rb10, DW2 voltage divider, Q2 output adjustable DC voltage, when used to select the appropriate voltage Uc and current Jc, will be tested patch aluminum electrolytic capacitor link Ah Cxa, Cxb two points, at this time, you will see the voltmeter pointer slow deflection, reach a certain position after static, pointer place The voltage refers to the withstand voltage of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor when the leakage current is 1C.

The band switches K3 and K4 (11 bits per single gear) are the test voltage and current (i.e. leakage current) selector switches.

When you have finished testing, you will find that the larger the capacitance of the chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the larger the leakage current is measured.