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Production steps of tantalum electrolytic capacitors in non-polar circuits

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

The construction and production process of tantalum capacitors

The solid tantalum electrolysis consists of tantalum powder (positive electrode) + oxide film (independent of tantalum powder) + manganese dioxide + silver powder + graphite + epoxy resin + lead

The first step: the tantalum powder and organic solvents are mixed together and pressed to form according to a certain shape, and the tantalum lead is embedded at the same time.

Step 2: The tantalum powders doped with organic solvents were sintered in a vacuum to a sponge-like state at high temperatures above 2000 degrees, and

The leads really fuse together.

Step 3: The spongy tantalum is electrolyzed in a solution of phosphoric acid, and the surface is oxidized to form tantalum pentoxide. The dielectric constant of five oxidized tantalum two is very high.

About 27, the performance of the three oxidation two aluminum medium (dielectric constant 7) is higher than that of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

Step 4: The liquid manganese nitrate is added to the tantalum block and then decomposed into manganese dioxide and nitrogen dioxide by thermal decomposition in the water vapor (catalyst) environment. 

Manganese nitrate adsorbs well, and the resulting manganese dioxide can be completely adsorbed in the innumerable pores of the surface tantalum block. If we use the two oxidation of the solid directly here

Manganese, it can not achieve this effect, which is why manganese dioxide can only be obtained in the manufacturing process. If solid polymers such as PPY/PEDT are used,

Its melting point is very low, so it can be melted and put into it directly.

Step 5: Finally, silver powder and graphite should be coated on the surface of manganese dioxide to reduce its ESR and enhance its conductivity.

The sixth step: add the outer lead, then use epoxy resin to package.