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Short circuit fast discharge operation technique for non-polar electrolytic capacitors

Sources:Jinggangshan Meicheng Trading Co.,ltd | PublishDate:2018.09.11

The capacitor is interrupted in the electrified circuit. The capacitor stores a certain amount of voltage. When there are other loads or components in the circuit, it will discharge slowly. It can also discharge quickly by artificial short circuit with small resistance or conductor (low voltage). How to operate it? Let's show you the following: 

1. Lead-type small specifications of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, direct short-circuit discharge on the line, but generally we do not recommend.

2. The electrolytic capacitor with a slightly larger capacity can make a 220v/60-100w bulb or discharge slowly with a resistor.

3. Bolted high-voltage large-capacity electrolytic capacitors we recommend the use of discharge coils, not only can discharge all capacitors of electricity, but also in the repair of short-circuit fault is a good helper.

Remember, large electrolytic capacitors must not be short-circuit discharged directly, otherwise the instantaneous energy is infinite, the sparks are quite dazzling, the noise is as loud as the shells, hehe, it's not to frighten you, I tried, it's frightening, and life threatening.

Our recommendation is that all capacitors use discharge coils, which are safe and do not harm people or equipment.

There is a very simple way to find a short wire, about 5m, winding up, two crocodile clamps, directly connected to the capacitor cathode, you can discharge. But remember one thing: first, the wires should not be too short, and two must be wound up. Especially when the aluminum electrolytic capacitors with high voltage and large capacity are discharged, you will find that the wires are hot.